Four links about Wacom and digital signature :

Wacom and Norauto : In France Norauto is a brand  of car repairs. We already talk about it here (in March in french blog) and here (in December 2015).

Signature and security : an article (in french) by Thomas K. from Wacom with a little history of digital signature. Do you know Rivest, Shamir et Adleman  invent digital signature  in 1976??? Now you know it.

Wacom and CityBank : CityBank Korea get now 317 Wacom tablet to sign. Not small table like STU, but bigger tablet with DTU-1141 modèles. Of course it would be hype if the choice was  DTK-1651 model.

Wacom and hospital : Glendora Community Hospital in California is less rich than CityBank Koreal. Normal, therefore the choice of model is STU-530 and now the patient can sign. Really, you are working all the day on Wacom products. You get out and you break your leg and at hospital you have to sign in a Wacom tablet…