This text is a translation of this original french post.

You want a stylet with a lot of levels of pressures to draw on your iPad. You have 99$ in your pocket or in your neighbor’s. You can buy the new Intuos Creative Stylus compatible for the iPad 3, iPad mini. This pen will work with future versions of iPads (4, iPad Pro … 13 inches … iPad Mini 2). Thanks to Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4.0). The pressure of the pen recognizes 2048 levels as an Intuos Grip Pen or Cintiq Pro Pen. It also recognizes the angle (+ / -45 °). The autonomy given the stylus is around 150 hours with a AAAA (…Tchoum) battery.  There was no information about impact of Bluetooth on the iPad battery. Above all, there is no interference with the palm of the hand on the multitouch surface of the iPad and the route of ICS, because the recognition of the palm is blocked, so you can rely on naturally the tablet.

The Intuos Creative Stylus is sold in a box, closely resembling that of the Pro Pen Cintiq 13HD. The dedicated website is available here : .
The Wacom store is here: Note the remark on the System requirements (french estore): Not compatible with Intuos!
If I use the vocabulary by Wacom : « this stylus is the best in its category ». 🙂 If it’s was Apple, it will be « this gorgeous stylus is the best thing we ever made! »

Now time for video !

A few images to brighten the post…


In the box, there are 2 replacement tips (good idea) + one on the stylus and location for five tips. In fact Wacom sells these replacement tips by 3 (so you understand, you have 2 + instead for buying a pack of 3. :)). It also has a longer battery (the cylindrical thing) + the one in the stylus. We don’ want play the chieurs but why spare battery blue model is not blue gray? Otherwise looted AAAA, it will buy them after consuming 2 provided in the packaging. Not sure that the same battery purchased in a simple store in Delaware take 150 hours. For now, I have no information if provided batteries are actually not rechargeable or standard batteries in charging, but it does not seem to me (I will contact M.Wacom for verification).

Zoom in the stylus.
Note : we were the first to present a stylus in this form – a single image combining two parts of the stylus cutting the central part [ information for english & american readers, we influence – by exemple, if Wacom driver is is now encrypted, it’s because of us. It’s a long story to explain.].
Here there is a variant with the reflection. If the stylus is 25 grammes and works at a pressure of 30 grams (low pressure so). It measures 13.5 cm (symbolic mesure lol) and the width is 10 mm top and bottom is 14 mm. The dress is made of aluminum, the silicone grip and there are two color LED (contact / no contact). We note that there is no gum up. As recognized by Bluetooth, there is a blockage in the palm of your hand. The width of the tips is the same as the Bamboo Stylus (when I add it seems, is that I have no information).



Immediately compatible with ICS : SketchBook, ArtRage, Procreate already there. Ideas of Adobe soon. Inspire Pro and Sumo Paint is missing [ Sumo Paint is present as a mini app (Air application) on the Bamboo Dock ]. Of course, the Wacom Bamboo Paper app is compatible. In fact, it’s the case of all apps using the SDK for iOS Wacom.



Capture d’écran 2013-08-20 à 14.14.54

Information for you : the name code of this stylus was Chamomile (???) and numbers of both models are CS-500 et Cs-500B (b for blue).
Exclu just for new english  & american readers (info not present in french website): Intuos Creative Stylus was not this product’s first name. The first name was… Bamboo Stylus Sketch.