I made a mini website  with all current Wacom graphic tablets in 3D. I used Three js and it works on Safari (the last one with Yosemite – WebGL is actived by default), Firefox and Chrome. No IE for now. I didn’t test on last Galaxy Smartphones. I add a navigation menu (jQuery) at the top on the left  to quicky access to every model of the chosen range. I made a little false preloading, but every page is fast to charge.

All range are in the website : Intuos, Intuos Pro, Cintiq and Cintiq Companion. The first link is a single home page. You have just to select the graphic tablet. You can see now the model in 3D inside a cube (in french , I call that « la Boîte en papier » – translation > Paper Box) and you can read all specifications on all walls (but the texts are in french, but it’s easy to understand). You can zoom in/out in your model and, of course you can turn it.


It’s also works on iPhone6. Below an exemple with Intuos Manga.


Now access to last models by Wacom in WebGL : Cintiq Companion 2 and Cintiq 27QHD. I add accessories (Grip Pen, Pro Pen and ExpressKey Remote) too. It changes according to the models.


I made low modeling and texturing to avoid heavy files to load  and suck your smartphone’s battery. I used Maya for modeling, Photoshop for texturing et three.js for WebGL libraries. I exclusively work on Cintiq 22HD touch.

Finally, here is a help website in WebGL, total responsive, with a navigation menu in jQuery with a genius effect (taken on Codrops)