All team searched a name for the next golden iPhone. We found it : Amber! The new iPhone 5S Amber. It sounds good. Since a iPhone 5S named « Champagne » was revealed in all blogs in the whole world, the Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne [ CIVC ] in France will decided to sue Apple for using the word « Champagne », if it’s for real. For them, Champagne isn’t a color, but a symbol. Use this symbol to sell cellphone means Apple wants to attract all the people seduced by the product image of the bouteille à bulles. We don’t think Apple need that to sell its iPhones with big prices. But CICV has no memory, because Sony sold a cellphone with the name « Champagne 3 years ago. Its name : the Xperia Ray Champagne.

Golden, Champagne, Amber… NostradaVince had already revealed this new colors before all. For the new name, we hope the team found the right name.