The new TVPaint is here et the number is 11. Read the news features in the website.


There are a lot of new stuff for this update. But we made a summary about what is interesting for graphic tablet users and what we recognized in others softs : Color Ring (Painter, Photoshop, Manga Studio, SketchBook), warp tool (Photoshop), draw guides (SketchBook, Painter), perspective guides (Painter, Illustrator). But the big new feature in TVP 11 is a new type of layer called CTG (Couleurs et couleurs à générer – in english – colors and textures generator), to help you  to get a better effect of filling by color or texture (it’s not the only thing). In fact, we note a wish to enhance the software’s performances toward colors and draws treatments.


When we se this interface we think about… Hum hum hum…