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The Cintiq Companion 2

[information] We decided to rewrite the two original posts from french website in one post. Of course,  you find here informations about the new Cintiq by Wacom you will not find everywhere. Because you’re worth it.


CES de Las Vegas 2015 (from 6th to 9th), Wacom unveiled two new products. The second product was the new Cintiq Companion 2.

The new evolution of Cintiq Companion is called Cintiq Companion… 2. Too little informations and pictures about this new product but you can see this page as a teasing on Wacom Website. No place on Wacom eStore. But we have all names and all prices. And you have us.
First picture below of the Cintiq companion 2 but this pix in 3D has a lot of mistakes (color of Expresskey, no camera,..). Don’t worry, we are here.


3D reality and real reality.


Before writing all new features about the Cintiq Companion 2, we recall you a little history about the first generation of Cintiq Companion launched last year.

At the beginning Wacom has two Cintiq Companion ranges with different prices. All these devices look like a Cintiq 13HD (13 pouces display, with a Rocker Ring and 4 Expresskeys), but it’s not really a Cintiq 13HD, because you can use a stylus (Pro Pen) to draw and use your fingers because Cintiq Companion has multitouch possibilities (it’s not the case of the Cintiq 13HD). First range was the Cintiq Companion Hybrid. This is a model that works like a Cintiq HD (like a device, a Cintiq 13HD ) when it’s connected to a computer (PC or Mac). But when the Cintiq Companion Hybrid works like a stand-alone tablet (no need to connect to a computer), this tablet has its own battery and its own system (Android). In fact, your Cintiq Companion Hybrid become a multimedia tablet. This range has also two models defined by Hard Disk capacities : 16G or 32G (like a classic multimedia tablet).
The second range of Cintiq Companion is called… simply Cintiq Companion. These Cintiq Companion are really computers like a laptop with Windows 8 system. These Cintiq Companion don’t need a computer to work and the Windows system is really the desktop system and not a light version for mobile, tablet or smartphone. You can use professionnal softwares with that range. These Cintiq Companion work alone. You can connect to a second screen but not to a computer (you can work only on Windows and not on OsX). This model has also two versions with different Hard Disk capacities (256G and 512G) and two operating systems by Microsoft (Windows 8 et Windows 8 Pro). Cintiq Companion Hybrid and Cintiq Companion has also different specifications (processor power, ram, SSD storage, video card, USB 2 or 3, etc…).
The prices of thes products have changed but yan can easily classified every product : 1050$ (Cintiq Companion Hybrid 16G), 1200$ (Cintiq Companion Hybrid 32G), 1800$ (Cintiq Companion 256G), 2100$ (Cintiq Companion 512G).


After that summary Wacom decided to shuffle cards and to mix the two ranges to get only a single range with easy-to-understand prices : 4+1 models and the prices increase with every enhanced specifications.

Names + prices :
Cintiq Companion 2 Value > 1300$ ( DTH-W1310T)
Cintiq Companion 2 Standard > 1600$ ( DTH-W1310L)
Cintiq Companion 2 Premium > 2000$ ( DTH-W1310M)
Cintiq Companion 2 Enhanced > 2500$ ( DTH-W1310H)

We give you all specifications (prices ‘s range by Wacom is like prices ‘s range by Apple)  :

  • Value – 64GB SSD, Intel Core i3-4005U, 1.7GHz
  • Standard – 128GB SSD, Intel Core i5-4258U, 2.9GHz
  • Premium – 256GB SSD, Intel Core i7-4558U, 3.2GHz
  • The Enhanced – 512GB SSD, Intel Core i7-5557U, 3.1GHz
  • Enterprise – Customizable, Intel Core i7 GHz, vPro Technology

The fifth model will be called Cintiq Companion 2 Enterprise. No price fixed (in fact, we know it : it begin to 2700$ and you can get Windows 7 inside – it’s not a joke)

New features of this Cintiq Companion 2 (it’s easy, you have a Cintiq Companion with all stuffs from hybrid version) :
– All 5 models work only with operating system Windows 8.1 like a laptop (end of hybrid version that runs with Android), but you can connect all these models to a computer (Mac or PC) and use it like a Cintiq 13HD (in fact, like hybrid version). Now you can work on OsX with this new Cintiq Companion 2. You need to plug it. You can work on Windows 8.1 with or without plugging. You get the best parts of the world of the previous Cintiq companion and Cintiq Companion hybrid.
– Same display size, 13.3, pouces but Cintiq Companion 2 updates its resolution from 1920 x 1080 to 2560 x1440 now. WQHD. Translation : Wide Quad Hight Definition ( x4). Recall : in a Retina Screen for a Macbook Pro, resolution is 2560 x 1600.
– About the weight. The Cintiq Companion 2 just lost 100 grammes to 1,7kg. That is the problem. The Cintiq Companion is heavy if you compared it to a Surface Pro 3’s weight.
– Thickness : it lost 2 mm (exactly -15%). Height and width (exactly -1mm) are the same than the Cintiq Companion first generation : 374 x 248 x 15 mm.
When you look for this new Cintiq Companion, you see the same thing than the previous models. Except for the color of Expresskeys. Color is not black, but silver (not like the 3D pix).
But in our team we have the guys from the Observatory of WacometmaPomme aka HawkEyes Team. They look for 2 pictures and one video with Cintiq Companion 2. And after comparing with informations of our spies, they are all right.

1 : There is a slot for SDXC card on the right side (better for photographers). Micro-SD slot is always here.
2 : Sound button became 2 buttons on the left (like iPhone…)
3 : 6 ExpressKeys below and over Rocker Ring instead of 4 for previous version. These buttons are silver like an Intuos Pro SE.
4 : Power connection, jack and now microphone are not at the same place.
5 : Maybe 3 USB3 port for Enhanced version on the right side ( +1 on the left side)
6 : camera’s emplacement (camera 2MP) changed too (before on the right bevel, now in the middle)
7 :  Maybe form factor changed a little bit to look like an Intuos Pro with different angles
8 : Speaker are in front of Cintiq. Yes! Very good quality. Type class-D with max power dissipation
9: a Kensington lock slot for Entreprise model… Already Wacom doesn’t want the new Cintiq Companion 2 will be stolen

We have a picture from the back. Aeration grids’s emplacements have changed too. Same thing for the second camera (8MP). Speakers disappeared, of course


Now a video from CES 2015.

Last informations :
1/ the new ExpressKey Remote appeared with Cintiq 27QHD works with Cintiq Companion 2
2/ the codename of Cintiq Companion 2 was… Miraculix. Remember, Asterix and Obelix were the codename of previous Cintiq Companion/hybrid. These names came from a french comic Asterix, le gaulois. Miraculix is the name of the druid in german translation (in original french version, this is Panoramix).

That’s all.

Ps : just a fun stuff to end. Four days ago Ubergizmo wrote « Wacom Cintiq Companion 2 hits the FCC » and gave the FCC link. Sorry for the Wacom wake-up UberGirls but the Wacom Cintiq Companion hit already FCC since september 2013. You have just to see FCC App Database here to know it and all future Wacom products for 2015. lol

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