At CES 2015 : Toshiba unveiled 2 multimedia tablet (sises > 8 & 10.1 pouces) with Windows 8.1 inside (desktop system). What is interesting for us that’s Wacom’s Feel it Technologies are also present inside this devise with a pen. Like all professional pens by Wacom, thispen can draw with 2048 levels of pressure. This Toshiba tablet is the low- cost contender of Surface Pro with a very very low price: 350$ and 400$ – for both models 8 and 10.1 pouces. Of course, these low prices can be explained by the specifications. Resolution : 1280 x 800, 2G ram, 64G fot the HD (you can add Gigas with a microSD card). The best thing of that device is to get a professionnal pen by Wacom for a very low price (a pen better than the Surface Pro 3 ‘s one). Qualitatively, of course, we are very far from Cintiq Companion. We didn’t try searching if multitouch is also a Wacom technology.

You can note that Toshiba Encore 2 Write’s Pen looks like a Bamboo stylus Alpha (but with 2048 levels).


Ce type de tablette à 400$ annonce certainement déjà la fin des Os optimisés pour tablette, remplacés les vrais Os bureau. Forte probabilité que le prochain Apple Tab/Slate (ce que les autres appellent l’iPad Pro/XL/Plus) proposera l’OsX et pas l’iOs9. Avce un stylet aussi? Vu qu’un brevet a été déposé récemment.