Who’s NostradaVince? In fact, we have in our team, Vince. Vince sometimes writes prophecies about Apple. Not about Wacom, because he knows the roadmap. But with Apple, he’s really a diviner. The story of prophecies in wacometmapomme.com began with the point of view of Vince and Rhonda about the Apple’s new product, iPad. If you read all posts, all articles, all critics about iPad, when it was revealed by [tippy title= »Steve Jobs » width= »200″ height= »200″ header= »off »]

[/tippy], all texts said iPad was a mistake, the first mistake of Jobs. Read all old posts to verify. That’s true. In the Wacometampomme’s blog, we are the only to write that iStuff will change the world. We had talk about games, school and web.When the analysts were persuaded three millions of iPad will sold, all websites changed their mind and write iPad was a great thing. lol

The next prophecies by NostradaVince were about a 13 pouces iPad, the association between mini iPad/iOs and car (it became iOs for car) et now the new color for iPhone 5S. And what is amazing is that Vince give us the right color ( link in french), champagne, gold ou « marron doré« . One month before all others sites, he was the first who talk about this third color.
Now he has two big prophecies. It’s huge. One : there is a Mac mini, there a new Mac pro. NostradaVince prophecies a new product between these. It will be called Mac Pro mini or Mac mini Pro. Two : Apple will change his logo. It’s a great risk taken by Vince, but he draws two concepts of the new Apple Logo (link).

Wait and see. If NostradaVince ‘s right, it will be great.