Cintiq Companions ( windows version and Hybrid version with android) and Cintiq 13HD have a pen called Pro Pen. Pro Pen is technically the same pen than Grip Pen but with a gorgeous design (in french un design plus élégant). Same levels of pressure (2048), tilt, eraser at the end, double buttons on body. But the Pro Pen is really beautiful. you can get Pro Pen without buying a tablet (80$). With the Pro Pen you also get a case and this case is perfect. You can tidy up your pen, your nibs ( 9 with 2 nibs with spring – the best ones), your colored rings (4 with blue and green) and the clamp (to get out nib from Pro Pen).

Closed case’s design is refined with hard black plastic. Wacom logo is especially noticeable.


… Below… Same thing. Ok, you have a Wacom product in your hand.


When you open it, this is Wonderful Wacom World. We recognize : ring for Pro pen (green one is at the top), the clamp as a ring surrounds the rings, the Pro Pen and its well aligned 9 nibs. The both « buttons » at the top are magnets to close perfectly the case.


Focu on the left part.


Rings, clamp, Pro Pen and 3 nibs outside.


Wacom logo is still here inside the top. You can add the name Wacom on the pen too. OK, ok, ok… Sorry, we don’t use a magnifying glass to see on nibs.


To end this post, a last picture below of the entire case. You can notice the perfect figure of the Pro Pen.  Inside all is made with a sort of flexible foam plastic. It’s very a beautiful object. Of course you can hide another thing inside. We don’t know what but you are the artists and you have much more ideas than us.