36 days without writting a post.  It’s easy to explain. First we decided to update WordPress. Welcome 4.0 and welcome to a crash of the template. We changed quickly the template. But…We live in France and we also has natural disaster events. Welcome to a very flooding in Provence and all boxes for internet were burnt by storm. All were really very burnt (we use PLC). 10 days for waiting a new box. After that it was time to work with m.Wacom and with m.Adobe (Roadshow for the new CC2014 update). We wrote a lot of posts in the french website because Wacom launched new cloud services with the new drivers. Sorry but you’re at the end of the queue. We changed the template of the mini blog. It’s not great, we know, but we decided to continue story with this blog in english for another year.
After 36 days we are always here. You’re lucky.