Apologize us, but we’re busy. It’s very difficult to find time to write new posts and make translation from the french Website. Currently no text about new Galaxy Note 4, iPhone6, Wacom action and AAPL and  a lot of stuffs like next tablet called One by Wacom (in a previous post , we wrote new driver will announce a new tablet. We are right.).

We decided adventure of this english version must continue with a next beta 2. We’ll change the website theme. We have made no choice, but we just look for a cool theme with the same spirit from original website.

By the way Wacom America drunk so much because there are a lot of mistakes with the price of this new tablet and its accessories.

Proofs by image. we’re waiting for corrections lol [update : Dollars from HK for a tablet never announced in Europe and America. In fact, that is a model Bamboo Pen with 2 sizes (S and M) only for asian market and unveiled in 2013 with a new model in 2014, but currently some tablets are sold in another market. We will talk about later.]