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SketchBook Pro 7 is here. After SketchBook 6 and SketchBook 2015… You can see all the new features in that PDF. Only thing for graphic tablet users, a new brush tip option appears in brush properties window. The color wheel was also enhanced.

The 3 big new features…
– Use new perspective guides with 1, 2 or 3 points (Zzzzzz…).
– Enhancement of gradient and blending mode with layer (4 modes before, Photoshop-like modes after…)
– a flip book with 1000 images/secondes  for animation.

A new thing to sold the software by Autodesk : you can buy a licence (65$) or subscribe for 1 month or  1 year (3/25$ -??? Adobe-like again)

A lot of videos for you.

Intuos and Cintiq for that teasing two months ago.

Perspective guides (I don’t know who chose the music)

Blending modes  (lol for the voice… And  the neodisco music!)

FlipBook (lol Again for the music. lol Thanx Autodesk. We are waiting for SketchNote pro.)

SketchBook Pro 7 with Cintiq 22HD

By the way, in Sketchbook, you have a tool called French Curves.I’m french and I never use these words to call that stuff. But when I was kid I had a tool like that. It was like Photoshop. We have in Photoshop Advanced Cs5 or Cs4 ([I don’t remember] a plugin to create an effect 3D for text (now all is 3D) and it was called « Repoussé » (a french word). Never use and heard this word before and I studied 5 years in Art School.