We read that here but a lot of website talked about it.

After working with Wacom’s OEM technologies for Surface 1 and 2, Microsoft decided to go elsewhere and to use the stylus and touch technologies by N-Trig  for its new model 12-inch Surface Pro 3  (that works with Windows 8.1 [desktop system]).
Pretty funny when you know that the first 13-inch models with a Windows for PC was the Cintiq Companion 512GB.
Let’s talk about levels of pressure for this new Surface Pro 3 :  256  levels of pressure. :/ You can retouch photography,  make compositions and manipulate pictures with Photoshop for example, but do not expect to draw or make illustrations. 256 levels is very low. Even the horrible Pen of a Volito 1 had 512 levels of pressure. In summary, if you want to draw a lign with gradient [from background color to foreground color in Photoshop by example], you will get a really bad gradient.
If you draw a curve, your curve will be broken if you draw too fast. For vector works, no worries, but with raster work, it may be ugly. For 3D, handling models on Maya, no worries, but sculpting with ZBrush  could be difficult to get something specific.
Prices of  all models : from $ 800 to $ 1950. First price is cool, but it’s very is more expensive after when we know the Cintiq Companion 256GB’s price with a real pen for drawing.

We can expect that the next iPad Pro will also work on OSX and not iOs, unless an alternative system will appears to just work with big softwares and adaptative interface..