We surfed on Sketchbook Pro’s blog. Take a look on teh last coolest videos. We can see a lot of Cintiq. We give you informations too.

End of mars was end of world. Therefore Autodesk said you to update all your softs Sketchbook for security reasons. We don’t know it’s for real security reasons or to offer a new backdoor to NSA (we don’t know but you can create the ultimate motorcycle helmet againt crash in Sketchbook and that can be interested a huge corporation) > http://www.sketchbook.com/news/important-security-update-for-sketchbook.html#.U1eOGsapLrU

Autodesk and Wacom were here in Game Developer’s Conference 2014 Wrap-up. We have a marvelous video that explain us Cintiq Companion is great. « It’s like a dream ».

The Observatory of W&M was here in the studio. The fourth guys saw and heard this video. And they says : « Renée Busse (firts person seen on video) is Tiny Tina in true life ». We listen voice again and after we listen Tiny Tina’s voice. That’s right.. Astounding.

Autodesk launched a new event : Cave Conference, in december 2013 in Las Vegas in USA in North America in Earth in Milky Way in Universe in TransUnivese  fifth dimension in… (we know all secrets about Universe and we have maps at home. We are also beta testor for Google Universe maps). There are a lot of famous people including Syd Mead.  Link of website and link of event’s summary  with a picture of Syd . We can resist to show you te teaser of that event. It’s really a SF/horror movie trailer.

The Observatorye was always here. « That make us think about launch trailer of  « THE CAAaave! ». Hop, the video…

A cool video to end that post. Copic pen, SketchBook and Cintiq.