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Some news about TVPaint Animation

TVPaint Animation is a french soft for creating Animation. We read the newsletter. There are somm cool videos about short filmmade withTv Paint Animation.
Loulou, l’incroyable Secret, winner of César 2014 for best short film (Cesar, it’s like Oscars but without international stars lol Yes, you should know Dujardin…)

There is also a video of making of  Dam Keeper. Erick Ho (ha Cantona!) works with Tv Paint on a very nice Cintiq 22HD. WARNING -30th second, Erick does some tricks with his pen and his fingers. It’s fast but that is pen spinning, level rookie. There are 2 thumbaround (standard + reverse) and he closed these tricks by a little bit ugly pass/reverse pass. He did it with a simple pen, not a Grip Pen…

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