Now Vince (always him) wrote updates for Capture Nx, Lightroom and Aperture. We ‘re waiting for a page about Capture One. After he promises he’ll write a post about differences between theses softwares and how to use graphic tablets (because Grip Pen’s pressure recognization is very different). This post will be translated in english. He will also talk about Camera Raw and the plugins Nik multimedia, heu… No, Nik software, heu… No, Google Nik. Nik inside some softs (just for readers : Nik means F*ck in french, therefore, Gooke Nik means Google f*cks). Imagine all t-shirts branded NIKE in France… In fact it’s written « Nique », but that  is the same pronunciation).

You can see these pages in the french site. Sorry but all the pages dedicated to graphic applications will not be translated, but our french is not very complicated and there are a lot of jokes.

Capture NX (click on pix)


Aperture (click on pix)


Lightroom (click on pix)