Last days some people ( guys like you) had in their hands the Galaxy Note Pro. Size : big… Size exactly : 12.2 pouces (it can be a category in youPorn. But not. I verified.). After Cintiq Companion + Hybrid (a little bit bigger – 13.1 inches… I verified too.), Here’s the new multimedia tablet by Samsung. With a Wacom pen called S-Pen. Knowing the price of that device is a little bit difficult but it leaks. So it should from 700 to 800 € for Pro Tab and from € 1,100 for Note version. The price changes according to the DD. We ‘re waiting  for tne next iPad Pro aka XL aka Air.

I took pictures from les We apologize but we choose only pix on S-Pen (Samsung used Feel IT technologies by Wacom with the S-Pen for all Galaxy note. Like Surface by Microsoft and Lenovo products – Information for people didn’t know : at the beginning of 2013 Samsung bought 5% of Wacom).

gnote-pro-stylet gnote-pro-launch gnote-pro-aircommand