Now a lots of pictures, a lot of comparisons to see differences between the three new Bamboo Stylus: Bamboo Stylus Alpha Solo and Duo.  Respectively from top to bottom in the image below. In this picture, the Bamboo Stylus Alpah is white (or black), the Bamboo Stylus Solo is black (no cap here – sold in 6 colors in Europe), the Bamboo Stylus Duo is black, longer (without cap – sold in 6 colors in Europe). For noobs : these stylus are pens for multimedia tablets (in french, we say multimedia, we think it’s better than the expression in english).


For fun, I added the first Bamboo Stylus {2011} at the left. The Bamboo Stylus Solo and Duo are presented with their caps on the right. For these two Bambbo Stylus, we noted that apart from the length, both are the samel.


Let’s tart with the Bamboo Stylus Alpha in comparison with the first Bamboo Stylus: Alpha is slightly larger. The width of the tip is 6mm. The clip has changed. It’s sold 15$, while the first Bamboo Stylus was sold 30$, but the product (alpha) is a pen with a less complex aesthetic. Ok… We write what we really think : it’s look cheaper.


We see this simplification when the pen tip is unscrewed. Alpha is at the top.


Focus on the side where is the clip. In the first Bamboo Stylus, you can unscrew the clip. This is not the case of the Alpha.


Now talk about Bamboo Stylus Solo. Compared to Alpha, the Solo is identical in length. But, it is thinner and the width of the tip is 5mm. The difference is huge when we compare the weight : 10 grams for Alpha, 18 grams for the old Bamboo Stylus. You feel the big difference when you have every one in the hand.


Large view. You see the difference between 5mm (top) and 6 mm (bottom) in the picture below.


On this picture below the Bamboo Stylus Solo is presented with his cap. It look as its old stylus, because the solo is, in fact, that replaces this old model. For noobs, now the history of Bamboo Stylus : the first Bamboo Stylus is unveiled in 2011. The Bamboo Stylus Duo came after at the end of the year (see here for all Wacom history), and in the same time the Bamboo Stylus changed its nam. It became  « Bambo Stylus Solo ». End of history.
In the first picture of this post, you have the pen without the cap, it appears much shorter. Its weight is 13 grams (18 grams for the old Solo).


Focus on the unscrewed part of the tip. Good weight loss program.


Last new Bamboo Stylus : Bamboo Stylus Duo (30$), which is a stylus with a tip of a pen on one side and a nib for the other multimedia tablet. Now a picture below with the new both Bamboo Stylus Solo and Duo without caps. The Duo is really longer compared to other models. Visually, it is identical to the solo. Same finish. Same width. The tip is also 5mm wide. The weight is different: Duo weight is 16.2 grams and Solo weight is 13 grams.


With caps, The Bamboo StylusDuois always longer than Bamboo Stylus Solo. We have believe…Maybe… With cap…


Inside with unscrewed tip,  Duo and Solo are the same stylus.


If you unscrew the part of the pen on the Duo, its looks as a… Real pen… Why not a surprise? It works with a standard ink.


Look the Duo with the real Wacom ball Pen. Yes,this pen ball pen exist… It’s very different.


Here, it’s WacandMac, we think huge. We think Collector. A picture with the actual ball pen Wacom and the old  ball pen Wacom with old logo. Just for you. You never see that stuff anywhere. Only on this website.


It ends with the most important thing : the touch. Is there any changes? The answer is… Yes. We found that rubber tip of all new Bamboo Stylus is harder than the old Bamboo Stylus. That impacts your pressure on the tablet. You need more pressure if you want your stylus to be recognized by the tablet. This is because the old tips are easily ripped (we noted that in the Test Expert Bamboo Stylus). Another difference is the new tip 5mm of Solo and Duo. It’s smaller and harder. Before, you can slide with your Bamboo Stylus on the tablet without trace. Now, you need to draw with more pressure. It seems that width of 5mm is not recognized by iPad (we made tests on an iPad). By crushing the tip on the surface, it widens and it is finally recognized by the iPad. With an old Bamboo Stylus for iPad,  your pen is recognized immediately, because of its width 6mm and its more flexible nib. This is the same thing with Bamboo Alpha, but you need to press a little bit more (the tip ‘s the same diameter, but harder). With the Bamboo Stylus Solo and Duo with, the nib is hard  and is 5mm wide. When I write  » need more pressure », this doesn’t mean that you need to use your Bamboo Stylus as a hammer. It is immediately recognized, but there is a noticeable difference with the previous Bamboo Stylus model.

In the picture below (Sketchbook Mobile), the horizontal line below (left picture) was done with the old Bamboo Stylus by sliding (no pressure). I did the same draw with the new Bamboo Stylus and no trace appeared below. I pressed with more pressure to see my first draw (in the right picture). When you press harder, you have a better control of your draw. If you wanted imperfect drawing with a Bamboo stylus sliding awkwardly on the surface of the iPad, you can not do it with the new Bamboo Stylus Alpha, Solo and Duo.


Finally, talk about a small detail, because we are jackals. So we reveal it : the inscription « Made in Japan » has disappeared. The old Bamboo Stylus had this engraved inscription. We deduce that the new Bamboo Stylus were not made ​​in Japan. Maybe it’s why the new prices are lower…

We’ll make a Test Expert on these new Bamboo Stylus with same pictures and a lot of a new drawing. But it will be written in french.