Wacom renews part of its Bamboo Stylus range, dedicated to multimedia tablets, with three models: 2 renewals, Bamboo Stylus Solo and Duo and one new model, the Bamboo Stylus Alpha.

Wacom links > full range > http://www.wacom.com/fr/fr/everyday

Bamboo Stylus Alpha : http://www.wacom.com/fr/fr/everyday/bamboo-stylus-alpha
Bamboo Stylus Solo : http://www.wacom.com/fr/fr/everyday/bamboo-stylus-sol
Bamboo Stylus Duo : http://www.wacom.com/fr/fr/everyday/bamboo-stylus-duo

Wacom eStore  : http://fr.shop.wacom.eu/produits/bamboo-stylus

What is new : the first stylus becomes the Bamboo Stylus Alpha 15 $ (same price as Bamboo Stylus Pocket – the Bamboo Stylus mini cost 10 $). It ‘s available in two colors, black and white. It has a clip. It becomes the new Bamboo Stylus and similar to the first Bamboo Stylus Solo with the first prize.

Another important novelty (the most important) that distinguishes three models is the size of the rubber tip, which was reduced by 1 mm on Solo and Duo models and password to 5 mm wide. The Alpha model ‘s tip is 6 mm wide as the old models of Bamboo Stylus. The width of 5 mm made ​​Bamboo Stylus Solo and Duo the Pen with the smaller tip on this market. (I read the PDF!).

The new Bamboo Stylus (20 $), now called Solo, offers 6 colors, black and white, cyan, magenta /pink, yellow and green. Its price is now to 20 $ ( -10 € compared to the previous model). It is now equipped with a cap and and the clip has changed with a curved end.

The new Bambo Stylus Duo ( 30 $) offers the same six colors as the solo. It has a tip for a multimedia tablet and a ballpen to write on real paper. But really real paper, as reality, as before. Its price was 40 $before. But that was before.

Pictures >

Bamboo Stylus Alpha ( 15 $ ) > http://www.wacom.com/fr/fr/everyday/bamboo-stylus-alpha
We note the funny thing is this stylus is present on the Wacom eStore and was already sold for more than a week on different shopping sites online, but nobody talks about it, even today, with the announcement of all Bamboo Stylus. Basically, it is almost invisible. In AS3, it gives MC_bamboostylus.alpha = 0.1. In AS2, it gives MC_bamboostylus._alpha = 10;. In AS1, it gave MC_bamboostylus.alpha = 10, { it was a joke for Flash developers, because we do not think only about the designers and illustrators, W&M also thinks about developers and designers ! }


Bamboo Stylus Solo ( 20 $ ) > http://www.wacom.com/fr/fr/everyday/bamboo-stylus-solo . 5 mm…


bamboostylus-solo bamboostylussolo

Bamboo Stylus Duo ( 30 $) > http://www.wacom.com/fr/fr/everyday/bamboo-stylus-duo. The photos show only the part of ballpen. As a reminder, this is a standard charge.


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