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Category: Corel

ParticleShop in action

One video with ParticleShop by Corel en action, with Photoshop and with a Grip Pen.

Corel Painter 2016 and ParticleShop

Corel launched Corel Painter 2016, and also a plugin for Photoshop, Particleshop, that use particles brushes appeared for the first time in Corel Painter 2015. Wha’ts…

Photoshop tools in Painter

Pascal S., aka Sib, made a tools stuff for Corel Painter. This stuff looks like Photoshop tools stuff. To download here. You…

Corel Painter, update and new soft

First : an update for Painter 2015 with this new patch SP1. For people who have trouble with both screens > You can now paint…

Corel Painter 14… 2014… No, 2015!

Corel decided to do like Autodesk. Now the new update of Corer Painter is called Corel Painter 2015.  Not 2014….

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