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Apple Pencil vintage

We read Journal du Lapin (a french blog) and the rabbit wrote a cool post about keyboard and graphic tablet for Pippin  (the…

Photoshopped is forbidden

A very interesting post on numerama.com and on iO9  to read. The subject is the fact that Adobe asks Phothoshop users to not use a lot…

SteamPunk Grip Pen

We do not yet spoken of the fashion of  Grip Pen Holder  in 3D print, but we can talk about  this cool SteamPunk Grip…

Barbecue and Intuos Pro

Seen on Wacom FBK and from Vadim Doctorov. At the first time we believed that he decided to put the tablet in…

Bird and Grip Pen

Seen on FBK from Wacom people… A very nice bird and a Grip Pen on that Tumblr.

Get for free texture libraries by Pixar

You get more more 800 mos of texture (tiff, picture + normal + bump) on Renderman Community page.

We watch We note all about Wacom

We note that the font used on Cintiq and Intuos has a letter « i » smaller than others letters. Look also the  letters « n » and « t ». It’s strange. If you…

We watch all your mistakes

Rhonda told us to not shoot  the Wacom websites. But she’s gone. It’s holiday (we are  in France).We do what we want….

Sweet carrying case

We wrote a post about the carrying case for Cintiq Companion (you get it with a Cintiq Companion | hybrid and…

Pen holder for Grip pen

Read on Community de Wacom. Far Fetched Creation sell pen holder for Grip Pen. A little bit expansive but it’s cool.

Wifi Art

Luis Hernan, from Newcastle University is a photograph artist. His projetct is to give colors to Wifi waves. Its project’s name is called Digital Eterheal….

Photoshop GeGe revival

Demo of Photoshop 1.0 with  a old Mac Os X. No tablet, but we can see the setting for the…

ModBook Pro X

Seen in MacWorld.fr. Multitouch, Retina, multimédia tabley (in french we write tablette multimédia), Wacom pen, Os X. Use a shaker and…

Funny Apple

Be funny with Apple. This is the new Mac’s Finder Icon ( below on the right). When we saw for…

Os X on Game Gear

It made le petit Prince laugh because he has a Game Gear too at home. Dandu uses Os X with a Game…

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